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Police Captain Taunts Violent Gang In Viral Video (Video)

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In a video that’s quickly spreading throughout the Internet, a police captain, supported by several law enforcement officials, warns a local gang that they are working together to arrest them all (video below).

Captain Clay Higgins is the front man of a video warning the violent Grimlyn Gang that law enforcement from across Acadiana, Louisiana, is working together to arrest their remaining members.

"I'm hopeful that the Acadiana community can make a strong stand, and by extension, perhaps the country, will hear this message and make a strong, unified stand when a community comes together and draws a bold line in the sand and says we're not going to tolerate that kind of violence in our area,” Higgins told KATC News.

The members have been accused of drug-related crimes, brutal attacks, armed robbery, extortion, witness intimidation, obstructing justice, using their families to cover up their crimes, and numerous attempted murder and murder charges. Indicted members range in age from 17 to 41, and the crimes committed date back to 1997. The gang has acted in the Acadia, Vermilion, Iberia and Lafayette parishes.

"If you raise your weapon to a man like me, we'll return fire with superior fire,” Higgins warns in the video. “[…] I'll meet you on solid ground anytime, anywhere, light or heavy, makes no difference to me. You won't walk away."

The video posted on the KATC-TV3 Facebook page has been shared more than 445,000 times since Feb. 17. A range of opinions has been posted in more than 14,000 comments, from general support for the Captain and patriotic praise, to rationalizations for the gang’s behavior and accusations of racism.

“All he is missing is [the] American flag, some fire works and some random bald eagle to come [perch] on his shoulder,” wrote Mark Coleman.

According to KATC News, many violent crimes allegedly committed by gang members have been dismissed because the victims did not want to cooperate with law enforcement.

"The Grimlyn street gang is all bad,” Higgins told KATC News. “And the fact that they're so extremely violent, every day that they're lose is a danger to the community."

Ten alleged members are currently in prison, seven are still wanted by law enforcement, and one member has been bonded out of jail and is on house arrest.

"During that time, maybe they'll find redemption,” Higgins said. “Right now, that's between them and God. They're not getting it from me."

Sources: KATC News, KATC-TV3/Facebook / Photo Credit: KATC News

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