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Stray Dog Sleeps With Stuffed Animal On Sidewalk (Photo)

A volunteer in Houston, Texas, captured a heartbreaking scene in which a stray dog lay on the sidewalk, hugging a torn and tattered stuffed animal.

A street in the city has become known as a place where unwanted dogs are left, according to The Dodo. A rescue called Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward works to find the dogs in the area new homes.

Volunteer Yvette Holzbach says she tries to rescue as many of these dogs as possible.

Around the beginning of 2016, she came across a dog grasping a stuffed animal.

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"When I first saw this dog lying on this tattered and torn soft toy my first reaction was 'oh how cute is that,'" Holzbach wrote on her Facebook page, according to "But then reality really sunk in once I started taking the picture. Here is a stray dog taking comfort in a worn out, discarded toy. How many of the dogs that we see are also thrown out on the street once they have served their purpose?"

"I took this picture a few months back," she added. "To be honest, today is the first time I have gone back to look at the picture. It was truly one of the saddest sights I have seen in the 5th Ward."

The dog was not rescued that day.

"This dog absolutely broke my heart but it [is] a dog that was in relatively good shape and unfortunately, the sad truth is, a dog in this condition would be much harder to find a foster for than any others we find in worse shape," Holzbach wrote. "We can feed up to 50 dogs in one day. Out of those, we are lucky if we rescue just one because fosters are so hard to come by."

Holzbach says she has gone back to look for the dog, but has had no luck in finding it.

Sources: The DodoExaminer / Photo Credit: Examiner

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