List Of Reasons Why Teen Was Kicked Out Of Soccer League Goes Viral


Brian Garruto of Westlake, Ohio, seems to love soccer as much as a good laugh, but his fondness for the latter may have cost him the former. 

Garruto, a senior a Westlake High School, has been banished from the North Side Co-Ed Soccer League because of his antics on the field and lack of respect for authority. Garruto tweeted the email listing his offenses, but the tweet has since been deleted and his Twitter account has been made private, New York Daily News reported.

Some of the most notable offenses include “pretending to shoot a bow and arrow at opposing players after scoring” and, on the same day, “running into goal while hiding ball in shirt.”

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 Garruto also eschewed many dress code requirements and wore a cowboy hat during a game and changed his jersey after receiving a red card -- he then tried to play the rest of the match in the different jersey. One of his most recent offenses, dated Jan. 31, included “giving birth to a soccer ball after scoring” and wearing a Natural Light Beer tank top as his uniform on the same day. 

Despite Garruto’s commendation, he proved to be popular among GQ readers. “This kid is a legend. I got a kick out of the one week they had to include where he actually follows the rules. Just adds emphasis to this kids true mastery of not giving (a f---),” wrote Facebook commenter David Sanchez. Several other commenters wrote that they would like to befriend Garruto or called him a hero.

According to GQ, Garruto later tweeted: “I'd like to thank all the loyal fans of the Cleveland Steamers co ed team for supporting me during my season.”

Sources: GQ, New York Daily News / Photo credit: Facebook via New York Daily News

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