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Strangers Help Homeless Man And His Dog During Snowstorm (Photo)

A homeless man and his dog’s encounter with a teenage girl during winter storm Jonas is going viral.

Shawn Harmon, of Louisville, Kentucky, was stuck outside on the day of winter storm Jonas, Jan. 22, with his bluenose pitbull Tucker, Associated Press reported. His region was expected to receive about 4-7 inches of snow by midnight.

While homeless shelters in the area were accepting anyone during the storm, Harmon’s local shelter did not allow dogs.

Harmon stood outside at an intersection for hours with a leash in one hand and a sign in the other that simply read, “Need work!”

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That’s when 19-year-old Michelle Smith stopped her car during a red light and handed Harmon a red wool blanket.

“You two try to stay warm,” she told Harmon, according to AP.

She then pet Tucker and hurried back to her car before the light turned green.

“God Bless you,” Harmon told Smith.

But Smith wasn’t the only one who lent a helping hand to Harmon and his dog.

Another woman gave Harmon a coat through her car window. Harmon strapped the coat around Tucker to keep him warm.

A man passed by and handed Harmon $2. Harmon said he was just $20 short for a $75 motel room.

“Don't worry, buddy, won't be long now,” he told his dog.

Harmon said he had been struggling for years to hold down a job or keep an apartment because he is Bipolar. He usually sleeps in a tent with his dog.

Despite the freezing cold temperatures of the winter storm, he said he still felt a little warm.

“It just seems a little better when it's snowing,” he told AP, “a little warmer, even though it's not.”

Sources: AP via Fox News, AP via Yahoo! News / Photo Credit: CNN via Local 21 News, Rob Shenk/Flickr

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