Father's Obituary For Drug-Addicted Son Goes Viral (Video)


A father's heartfelt and honest obituary for his son who died of a heroin overdose is going viral (video below).

Emmett Scannell, 20, died of a heroin overdose April 20 after struggling with addiction for several years. His father, Bill Scannell, wrote a powerful, honest obituary which discusses his son's addiction and serves as a warning for other parents.

Bill says his son was a "caring, funny, smart, young man with the potential for greatness."

Emmett started college in August 2014, studying computer sciences on a full scholarship. He was a National Honor Society student. Despite all this, he struggled deeply with substance abuse.

"Emmett had been in recovery and sober in Alcoholics Anonymous for 2 years when he went off to college in late August 2014," Bill Scannell wrote in the obituary according to ABC News. "Within 6 weeks, heroin came into his and our lives, stole him from us and Substance Use Disorder killed him in only 18 months."

The father wanted to use his son's obituary not only as a way to pay tribute to him and to explain his story, but to warn other parents in hopes that it may save another family from the pain that Emmett's family is experiencing.

To the parents of young kids, I beg you, please do not think it can not be your child…Please do not be naive to the point that your child does not or never will use drugs or alcohol. Please open your minds and hearts to this epidemic and make sure you always talk to your children and I just have one last question for you…When you take a picture of your child or see your child smiling from ear to ear, do they look as happy as this poor lost soul??? Please, talk to your kids!!!!! I BEG YOU!!!!!!

Scannell says that his son's disease is proof that addiction can affect anyone.

Bill's Facebook posts about his son have been shared thousands of times.

Sources: Fox 61ABC NewsYouTube / Photo credit: Chapman Cole & Gleason via  Fox 61

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