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Man Reportedly Begged For Life Before Police Shot Him


A Texas man who was shot and killed by police in Arizona reportedly begged for his life in the moments before the shooting.

Police were called to a La Quinta Hotel in Mesa on Jan. 18, responding to reports of a man pointing a rifle out the window of a fifth-floor room. On the night of his death, Daniel Shaver had invited a man and woman over to his room for drinks, where they drank rum shots, reports New York Daily News.

Shaver showed the man a case with a pellet gun inside, informing him that he was on a business trip with Wal-Mart and that "his job is to kill all of the birds that get inside the buildings," the New York Daily News reported.

Shaver then reportedly pointed the gun out of the window for a brief moment.

When police arrived, Mesa Police Department Officer Philip Brailsford told Shaver he "may not survive" if he did anything that was considered a threat, a police report stated. Body camera video showed Shaver making small jerking motions while his hands were behind his back.

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"Alright, if you make a mistake, another mistake, there is a very severe possibility you are both going to get shot. Do you understand?" one officer told Shaver, BuzzFeed reported.

"No, please don't shoot me," Shaver said. The 26-year-old was heard audibly sobbing.

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Shaver, who was not armed, reportedly reached toward his waist at one point. An officer was heard yelling, "Don't!"

The movement Shaver made toward his waist, the police report stated, was similar to someone trying to pull up their falling pants.

"It appeared his shorts had fallen partially down his legs at that point," the report stated, according to BuzzFeed News.

Police later released an image from the shooting that showed the hotel room carpet stained with blood.

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Brailsford was ultimately charged with second-degree murder in the shooting after the Maricopa County Attorney determined on March 4 that the shooting was not justified.

Brailsford reportedly had the phrase, "You're f-----" etched onto his rifle.

Sources: BuzzFeed, New York Daily News, Mesa Police Department via AZ Central / Photo credit: BuzzFeed, New York Daily News

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