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Grandmother Sucker Punched Outside Queens Deli Has Died (Video)

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A grandmother who was sucker punched outside of a deli in Queens, New York, has died. 

WABC reports that 69-year-old Eve Gentillon was knocked unconscious by 28-year-old Richard Springer, nicknamed "Kwasi."  

Springer was originally facing robbery and assault charges, but Gentillon passed away after suffering a brain hemorrhage due to the incident.  That means Springer will now face homicide charges.  

According to police, Springer approached Gentillon outside the Suphin King Deli on Sutphin Boulevard in Jamaica, Queens, and hit her once in the head with his closed fist.  He then robbed Gentillon as she lay unconscious on the sidewalk.  

Police say Springer then fled the area, but was arrested and taken to the 103rd Precinct for processing. 

Social media response to the incident came quickly.  One user wrote, "Piece of garbage! I hope he gets what he deserves for doing that to that lady. May her family find comfort ; I'm sorry she had to die...I'm sorry she had to endure that."

Another added" "He cared less for striking & elderly, he is just another POS who will do time on the expense of us. What is coming to him??? 3 square meals, tv, computer, phone, recreation time, medical assistant. Did I forget anything else??????"

Sources: WABC, ABC7NY/Facebook / Photo credit: Missee Harris

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