Police: Teenagers Rape Girl And Post It On Snapchat


Three teenage boys are facing charges as of March 18 for allegedly sexually assaulting a girl and uploading a video of it on Snapchat.

The three boys, ages 13, 14 and 17, are believed to have been drinking with the 15-year-old female victim at a party in her backyard shed in Lakebay, Washington, on March 14 when the attack occurred, KGO-TV reports.

After the young woman passed out, the suspects reportedly wrapped her up with an electrical cord and assaulted her.

Using the victim’s sister’s cellphone without her permission, they recorded the rape and shared clips of the attack on Snapchat, police say.

Although the young woman’s mother was at home while the alleged assault occurred in her backyard, she had no idea what was happening. The News Tribune reports both parents and two younger sisters were at home at the time.

"Parents really need to be aware of the different applications and apps that are out there that can do this kind of thing," said Pierce County Detective Ed Troyer told KGO-TV. "And teenagers are really good at hiding text messages, pictures and videos. This is an example of it."

Meanwhile, the girl’s younger sister, age 14, hid nearby as the attack occurred, The News Tribune reports.

“The sister was frightened for her safety and her sister’s safety and hid in the shed during the assault,” Troyer said.

The girls’ mother later found her partially naked 15-year-old child semi-conscious on the floor, with blood and scratches all over her.

While her older sister was hospitalized for a variety of injuries after the attack, the 14-year-old was unharmed.

Prosecutors are expected to charge the boys March 24. Another man, age 20, whose voice was heard in the video, was also arrested, but it is unclear whether he participated in the act.

One teenage suspect’s family says they are shocked by the charges.

"The child has been a stellar child his whole life, I mean, he’s never been in trouble in school, never been in trouble with the law, he’s played a lot of sports, very big in baseball, number one in wrestling last year,” said one of the suspect’s grandfathers, reports KCPQ.

Sources: KGO-TV, The News Tribune, KCPQ / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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