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Italian Woman Stunned By Exploding Artichoke

An Italian woman was left scared but otherwise unharmed by an exploding artichoke.

The unnamed woman went to her local supermarket in Olginate, northeast of Milan, to buy some fresh artichoke. She got more than what she paid for when one of them exploded in her home after she cut into it.

The victim was left in shock, but then called to her husband and daughter for help. When they saw the leaves of the artichoke were “damaged and burnt,” they called the police and the supermarket, according to The Register.

The woman was not injured, aside from almost being scared to death by the unpleasant surprise.

The supermarket pulled the remaining stocks of artichoke from its shelves as police have opened an investigation to “probe a possible link to previous incidents.”

Other artichoke explosions occurred in 2003 and 2008, the latter one thought to be a “Unabomber-style attack,” according to The Local.

It is believed at the moment that a chemical reaction caused by fertilizers may have caused the explosion.

Sources: The Register, The Local


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