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Italian Man Escapes Death When Would-Be Killer Runs Out Of Bullets (Video)

An Italian man caught on camera being chased down by a gunman is unbelievably lucky to be alive today.

Surveillance video from Foggia, Italy shows Italian man Mario Di Bari running for his life as convicted criminal Michele Moreli chases him with a gun. Moreli is seen on the video firing shots at Di Bari.

One of Moreli’s shots eventually hit Di Bari in the leg, and he collapsed. Moreli then stood over Di Bari and pulled the trigger one more time.


Amazingly, Moreli ran out of bullets. He is seen on surveillance video pulling the trigger several more times to no avail.

Moreli then fled, the scene, leaving Di Bari on the ground still writhing in pain. Di Bari was rushed to the hospital, where he is now recovering from his gunshot wound.

As for Moreli, police arrested him several days later after spotting him on a surveillance camera. He has been charged with attempted murder and possession of an illegal firearm.

Police are not sure what Moreli’s motive was in trying to kill Di Bari. Moreli is a known member of the local mafia, however. Investigators believe the incident may have been over a car sale, drugs, or territorial issue.

Here is the video of Di Bari’s close encounter with death: 

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