Man Catches 280-Pound Catfish In Italy's Po Delta

An Italian man recently caught a 280-pound catfish with only a fishing rod and line. The wels catfish is eight feet and nine inches long.

Dino Ferrari caught the massive fish in the Po Delta in Italy. It is believed to be the biggest catfish caught with only a rod and line.

The wels catfish, also known as a sheatfish, is native to Europe and can grow up to 13 feet long. However, it is a very rare occurrence to catch one over 6 feet long.

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While Ferrari’s catch is impressive, The Mirror reports that a man caught a 308-pound catfish in the same area of Italy.

Wels catfish have broad, flat heads and wide mouths. They are cannibals and live in fresh and brackish water. Wels catfish eat worms, insects and smaller fish, including other catfish. Larger ones can even eat mice, rats and ducks.

Wels catfish can live to be thirty years old.

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Multiple sightings and catches of huge catfish have been reported in Europe over the past few months.

In December, 14-year-old Sam Lee caught a 196-pound catfish. He had to battle the fish for about 35 minutes before ultimately catching it. The boy then released the catfish back into the wild.

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