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Italian Jogger Arrested For Throwing Puppies (VIDEO)

An Italian jogger apparently became annoyed with some puppies while he was going for a run through the town of Lecce and decided to throw them over a fence. The man, whose name has not been released, was caught on video tossing the dogs. Police were able to identify him based on the footage and have said that he is a 55-year-old town resident.

In the video, which was captured early Sunday evening, a figure throws a puppy over a fence, prompting two other dogs to go check on the pup. Another puppy runs toward the man and he throws that dog over the fence as well

After leaving the picture briefly, the man walks back into view with another small dog in his hands and then tosses that dog over the fence.

The puppies suffered some injuries, but they all survived, The Huffington Post reported. The owner of the property where they were thrown is now caring for them.

The video is below:

Sources: The Huffington PostYouTube


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