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Woman Pours Vodka Into Child's Eyes At Pool

Police arrested a North Carolina woman on June 7 after she allegedly poured vodka into a 7-year-old boy's eyes at a Florida hotel pool.

Police explained the woman was reportedly drunk when she poured alcohol into the boy’s eyes at Sheraton Sand Key Hotel, The Smoking Gun reports.

“The defendant was patronizing the swimming pool area of a hotel, while intoxicated and drinking from a bottle of vodka, where several young children, not known to her, were also swimming and playing in the pool,” her arrest affidavit reads.

She grew angry after the child splashed water on her, punishing him by pouring vodka into the boy’s face and eyes.

“The defendant then battered the child again, by grabbing him around the chest and pushing him further away from her into the water in the pool,” the affidavit continues.

After being arrested, thirty-three-year-old Roseanna Marie Kiser reportedly attacked a police officer.

“The defendant was being placed under arrest for child abuse & failure to leave a public service establishment. The defendant proceeded to repeatedly kick the arresting officer (affiant) in the groin with the heel of her foot, resulting in extreme pain and physical injury to the arresting officer’s groin area,” adds the affidavit.

Kiser is now being charged as a felon for child abuse as well as battery on a law enforcement officer.

However, the woman is no longer in jail after being freed on a $12,750 bond.

Social media users were mixed in their responses to the incident, with some indirectly blaming the parents of the boy.

“Hey, I also hate kids splashing water at me. A good reason Hotels should have adult only areas,” wrote Facebook user Joe Aguilar.

“If it was my kid, I'd have been keeping an eye on him and ordered him to splash all he wanted but, not in other people's space!” he added.

Yet most were appalled at the thirty-three-year-old’s behavior, adding she should be able to manage her alcohol at that age.

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