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Man Accused Of Videotaping Child In Public Bathroom

A man was arrested and stands accused of attempting to use a camera to record a young boy in a bathroom at Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Registered sex offender Nichols J. Gregor, 37, was charged with two felony counts of unauthorized videotaping and one felony count of videotaping in a public place, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Police said the boy and his father were at the urinals at the famous Chicago Cubs baseball field on June 4 when Gregor walked over and positioned himself next to the boy. While pretending to urinate, he allegedly took out a camera, at which point the boy's father contacted security.

Gregor was convicted in 2010 of videotaping children in a pool locker room. During the investigation, police found a massive collection of child pornography on his computer. He was sentenced to six months in jail.

His neighbors have reportedly called the police a number of times after they saw him videotaping children at a playground, according to WLS. Gregor's parents reportedly live two doors away from an elementary school and neighbors have complained, reports WLS.

"I am on the lookout and I hope he doesn't show back up around here," neighbor Nick Emkow told WLS. "I don't want to see him around here with all these kids and the school."

"It's sickening," another neighbor, John Gutierrez, said. "It makes me sick to my stomach that a grown man would do something like that."

Gregor is due to appear in court June 7.

Sources: Chicago Sun Times, WLS / Photo credit: Chicago Police Department via Chicago Sun Times

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