Pranksters Erect Donald Trump Tombstone In Central Park

Photos of a tombstone for Donald Trump in Central Park in New York City have been making rounds on social media.

The pictures surfaced on Instagram on March 27, ABC 7 News reported. They show a tombstone with the name “Trump” below a cross, and an epitaph that reads, “Made America Hate Again.”

The mysterious tombstone has a year of birth but no date of death. It was spotted near the Tavern on the Green before photos were shared on Instagram, Twitter and other sites.

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A spokesperson at the city Parks Department said the headstone has since been removed, NBC News reported. There are no clues as to who erected the gravestone, but several social media users surmised it was the work of a clever group of pranksters.

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Sources: ABC 7 News, NBC News / Photo Credit: NBC News

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