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Honey Oozes Down The Walls Of A Woman's Home (Video)

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A Houston homeowner got a shock when she attempted to remodel her home, and as a result found honey dripping down the walls of her house (video below). 

KHOU reports that Latanja Lavine, who herself is a realtor, loves the home that she owns.  Levine attempted to remodel her roof, and in so doing, struck a bee hive that was lodged inside the walls of her home.  The result was honey dripping down the walls of her house.  

“My family and I have cleaned several hours repeatedly we keep thinking it’s like [a] drain and it’s going to stop,” Lavine said. “I don’t know the solution. It’s been a very restless three nights, because I get up in the middle of the night and check the walls.”

The honey has seeped through the crown molding, and oozed its way down the walls and drapes.  It eventually formed a pool on the living room floor, which has reportedly made it a real pain to clean up.  

Unfortunately for Lavine, the honey attracted bees -- lots and lots of bees.  The swarm was so great that the roofers Lavine employed could not rid the home of the beehive and finish their remodeling job.  

However, her story resonated with people, and local community members volunteered their time to help.  They filled the holes in Lavine’s walls with heat and smoke, flushing out thousands of bees and allowing them to extract 20 pounds of honey.  

Even after all the effort, 11 hours later Lavine’s home is still dripping with honey.  The entire home is sticky due to the congealed substance.  

“I don’t know what to do,” she said. “I don’t know what to expect next. I’m just speechless.”

It seems that Lavine’s decision to remodel her roof may have been one of the worst decisions of her life. 

Sources: KHOU, YouTube / Photo credit: KHOU

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