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Michigan Deputy Goes Above And Beyond To Help Stranded Family

A Michigan man said he is thankful after a police officer went out of his way to help him and his family.

Westley White was on his way to the pawn shop on Jan. 9 with his wife to try and sell some of their belongings for gas money, WOOD-TV reported. They found themselves stranded with their tank on empty and called the police for help.

Ottawa County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Dyke responded to the call.

“The cop said, ‘Well, usually we can’t really help as far as taking you guys places. My job is to make sure you’re safe,'” White told WOOD-TV. “He seen the stuff in the car that we were going to pawn, he had a change of heart, I guess.”

Dyke then took White and his family to the gas station and paid for a full tank of gas with his own money.

“We filled up our gas tank and it was a blessing,” White said. “We were able to get home.”

The couple had been struggling financially and were grappling with the death of one of their children, according to KLFY. White filmed a video thanking the officer for his kindness.

“Thanks officer for going out of your way and helping me and my wife when you didn’t have to,” White told the officer in the video. “Thank you officer and I appreciate it and I thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Dyke responded. “You have a good day.”

White said he took the video to give the officer credit for being a good cop.

“Being black and African American, there’s been a lot of stuff going on, like very bad and … you hear about the stuff and you kind of stereotype cops because you only see the bad they do,” White explained to WOOD-TV. “A lot of people don’t see the good things that cops do.”

Sources: WOOD-TV, KLFY / Photo Credit: WOOD-TV

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