Mattress Nearly Takes Woman's Life


A Wisconsin driver was close to losing her life Feb. 27 after her car was totaled upon colliding with a mattress.

Twenty-one-year-old Brooke Cleven’s father says she is lucky to be alive, while doctors say the seat belt may have saved the girl’s life, Fox News reports.

"The mattress grabbed the rear tire and flipped the car right over," Scott Cleven said.

Brooke was forced to crawl out of the shattered passenger window to safety.

"It was terrifying. I saw something in the road. I thought it was a shadow at first," Brooke, a Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design student, said.

"I just closed my eyes and hoped for the best," she added.

Brooke explained she is still in pain after the accident. In addition, she is worried how she is going to make the long commute to school and work as the car is totaled.

"My whole left leg hurts. The left side of my back hurts," she said.

Authorities are currently investigating who left the mattress there.

"I'm sure there is someone who saw something. Someone must know they lost their mattress and box spring. I just hope they come forward," Scott Cleven said.

Brooke especially wants somebody to take responsibility for placing the mattress in her way, and warns other drivers to be more careful.

"Make sure you properly strap down anything that you are carrying," Brooke said.

This is not the first time a mattress has caused an accident, WBOC reports.

In December 2015, Richard Steedman, 63, was driving his pick-up truck in Delaware when a mattress flew out of the vehicle causing an accident that hospitalized one person.

Fifty-two-year-old Lisa Giorgilli’s car ran off the road and into a ditch. Authorities were forced to remove her car’s door to treat her.

Her injuries were not life-threatening.

Oddly, another mattress captured international attention after it saved a Brazilian cyclist’s life St. Patrick’s Day 2014, the Daily Mirror reports.

The cyclist was knocked off by a truck, but the mattress that flew out of his vehicle broke his fall.

Sources: Fox News, WBOC, Daily Mirror  / Photo Credit: Fox News

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