Officers Caught On Camera Beating Suspect With Batons

Two San Francisco deputies are under investigation after a surveillance camera captured them beating a suspect with batons after a pursuit (video below).

Two deputies with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office were involved in a chase on March 24 that started in San Leandro after they spotted a stolen 2015 Mercedes C300 sedan, CBS News reported. The suspect ignored orders to stop and allegedly rammed two police cars, injuring one deputy.

The pursuit took them all the way into Oakland and then west toward San Francisco, according to Alameda County sheriff’s Sgt. Ray Kelly. They were crossing the Bay Bridge at more than 100 mph.

Once they got off the freeway in San Francisco, the suspect struck a parked car and attempted to flee by foot. He was tackled to the ground by one deputy and beaten with batons.

The incident was captured by surveillance cameras and the footage was shared on Twitter by the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office on March 25. They described the video as “shocking and brutal.”

The caption stated that the surveillance cameras record in 10-second increments with gaps in between, according to Daily Mail. “So the beating was actually twice as long as what is shown,” the caption continued.

Sgt. Kelley said the department became aware of the video shortly after it was posted online.

“We’re going to do a complete and thorough investigation into this incident and figure it out,” Kelly said.

The suspect was identified as Stanislav Petrov. He was taken to San Francisco General Hospital for treatment after the beating.

Sources: CBS Local, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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