Mother With STDs Has Sex With High School Students


Officials arrested a married Pennsylvania teacher’s aide carrying two sexually transmitted diseases Feb.24 after she reportedly slept with two high school students.

Chelsea N. Lorson, 25, is accused of having sex with a high school boy and his younger brother upon learning she contracted two STDs after a trip to Haiti, the Daily Mail reports.

Lorson - a married mother of two - reportedly initiated the relationship through Facebook in January. She told one of the boys, whom she recently met five weeks prior, that she wanted to hang out with him at his house.

A week later, she allegedly slept with both the boy and his brother on the driveway of the boys’ home.

A friend of Lorson reported the incident to police after Lorson confided she considered having sex with the boy as a birthday present for herself. The friend also reported Lorson showed a photo of the boy’s abdomen to her.

It is unclear yet whether or not the boys have contracted STDs from the woman.

Superintendent Mark DiRocco says they have removed Lorson from the district.

“We want to move as rapidly as possible,” he said. “We feel the kids are safe by what we have done so far.”

"We understand that our parents and community members expect that adults working with our children should have the highest morals, values and ethics in their interactions with students. We expect the same and deeply regret that something of this nature may have occurred with our students,” he added, reports.

While she was arrested for multiple charges ranging from sex with a minor to reckless endangerment, she is currently free on $25,000 bail.

Lorson is not the first married mother in trouble with law enforcement in February, as another woman is also accused of having sexual relations with one of her students.

North Carolina science teacher Laura Garrigus, 30, was arrested Feb. 8 for engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old girl, the New York Daily News reports.

A judge has forbidden her from interacting with any minor under the age of 18, including her three children.

Sources: The Daily Mail,, New York Daily News / Photo Credit: The Daily Mail

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