Mother Leaves Toddler Home Alone, Is Arrested (Photos)


An Iowa mother was arrested after her 2-year-old child was found home alone, wearing a dirty diaper and sucking on a frozen chicken breast.

When police pulled James Robinson over for speeding on Aug. 8, Robinson told them he was rushing to get home because there was a baby who was home alone at his Des Moines residence, KCCI News reported.

Authorities arrived at Robinson’s home and found a 2-year-old boy in the backyard alone wearing only a T-shirt and a “full and sagging” diaper, according to a police report. The infant was reportedly sucking on a frozen chicken breast while a small dog was jumping on him, trying to get the chicken.

The baby’s mother was identified as Hallie Amick, 30, and the Department of Human Services was called to the home.

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Amick originally told police this was the first time she left her baby alone. However, she later admitted she has left the child home alone "on occasions," a police report states.

Neighbors told the news station they’ve seen the boy alone on several occasions.

"On that patio by the washer, he was walking around and the dog was jumping on him,” neighbor Deborah Snyder told KCCI News. “He kept going back and forth to the fence.”

"I think it is horrible," said Brian Bailey, another neighbor. "I am disgusted, to be honest with you. Any parent that would do that to their child doesn't deserve to have a child and they deserve what's coming to them through the courts.”

Police also found a marijuana pipe, blunts, and marijuana stems at the home in plain sight.

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Amick was charged with child endangerment causing physical injury and drug possession, the Des Moines Register reported. She was released from Polk County Jail after her first court hearing. Robinson, who is Amick’s boyfriend, could also be facing charges, according to Des Moines police Sgt. Ryan Doty.

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"I don't know how in the world this mother can leave a baby like that," La Baccam, another neighbor, told the Des Moines Register. "If I knew that had happened, I'd ask police if I could keep the baby for myself, because I feel so sad for that baby."

Sources: KCCI News, Des Moines Register / Photo credit: WHO-TV via Daily Mail, Hallie Amick via Daily Mail

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