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Man Admits To Having Sex With Dogs, Killing Them (Video)

A Houston man made a shocking confession to police after being arrested for choking and stabbing a dog (video below).

Arthur Lovell, 29, was taken straight to jail and charged with animal cruelty after choking and stabbing a dog, FOX 26 reports. He admitted to investigators that he frequently does this after having sex with the dogs first.

According to prosecutors in court, Lovell “preserved the skulls of the dogs he killed” to “keep them as trophies."

Police said Lovell tried to sell a pit bull at a car repair shop on March 10. When nobody in the shop showed interest in buying the dog, he started stabbing it in the shop.

“The dog was just screaming but nobody wanted to get near him, we were afraid he might just react to that,” one witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, told FOX 26.

Another witness said he once witnessed strange behavior between Lovell and a dog, adding that the staff of the repair shop was not surprised by what Lovell admitted to police.

“He went in there and saw the dog there and the dog came to him,” the witness said. “He picked it up, was playing with him, rubbing on it, so we had to turn our faces.”

The witness added that Lovell “treats a dog like a woman” and that he “picks them up and rubs them all over his body.”

Lovell is currently in jail on no bail, and he faces a felony animal cruelty charge for stabbing the pit bull.

The condition of the pit bull has yet to be reported.

Sources: FOX 26FOX 26 via YouTube / Photo Credit: Police photo via FOX 26

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