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Parent And Referee Start Huge Brawl At Middle School Basketball Game (Video)

A fight broke out at a middle school basketball game in Kentucky over a technical foul and ended with a player's father getting kicked in the head by the referee (video below).

During the game on Jan. 8, the referee, fed up with the Belfry Middle School coach, called a technical foul. The coach, who was equally as fed up with the referee, led his team to the locker room. Shortly after, a parent approached the court to speak with the referee.

Assistant Superintendent of Pike County Schools Fred Bowling explained the incident to WLEX.

“Their father came out of the stands and approached the floor to speak to the referees and the brother [Tommy Varney], which is the assistant coach, went back to the bench to gather some student-team belongings and he proceeded down to the conversation,” Bowling said. “Then things from there got a little out of hand.”

A father pushed the referee and that’s when things deteriorated. Parents and school staff joined in on the fight and the Belfry Middle School coach, Bobby Varney II, returned to the court to join in as well.

Several people attempted to break up the fight, but others egged it on and the fight showed no signs of slowing down.

Bobby Varney II’s father, Bobby Varney, is the man who ran onto the court. As he was led off the floor, the referee sent him off with a swift kick in the head.

“It is a very unfortunate incident and I can assure you our utmost concern is the safety of our kids,” Bowling said. “We regret that this happen, but it did. The adults were obviously out of control and as a result there are gonna be some changes and sanctions.”

The younger Bobby Varney later resigned from his position as coach, although his resignation does not affect his job as a teacher at the middle school.

Sources: WLEXFox NewsYouTube / Photo credit: WLEX

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