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Dog Saved From Meat Trade Rescued Again In NYC Blizzard

A dog who had already escaped becoming meat in Thailand had another stroke of luck as police rescued her after she ran away during a blizzard in New York City.

Pandy, a 5-year-old terrier, was rescued from an illegal dog meat farm in Thailand and brought to New York City. She was saved a second time during winter storm Stella, which hit New York in March, after she ran away from her handler on the street, WPIX reports.

Pandy was being walked by a volunteer working with Animal Haven when she got away in Manhattan's Soho neighborhood during the storm.

"She was freaked out by her surroundings. I'm sure the snowstorm was no help," said Tiffany Lacey, Animal Haven's executive director, according to the New York Post.

Animal Haven tried everything to find the dog, alerting other shelters and veterinarians, as well as posting to social media to see if anyone had seen Pandy.

"We are heartbroken and have been searching all over the city in the bitter cold and snow," read a post from Animal Haven's Facebook.

Pandy had been previously saved from the illegal dog meat trade in Thailand in February, where dogs are often captured on the street and sold to be eaten.

Animal Haven had worked with Soi Dog Foundation, a nonprofit organization that advocates for dogs in the Phuket province of Thailand, in order to rescue the pup.

"That’s another reason why this was very heartbreaking -- after all she’s been through and to travel all the way here from Thailand," Lacey said.

Finally, Pandy was located that afternoon at the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, around two-and-a-half miles from where the volunteer had lost her. Port Authority Officers Steve Corrigan and Manny Luongo grabbed the leash still attached to her collar and took the terrier to the ASPCA, where workers used her microchip to identify her and return her to Animal Haven.

Once she returned home at 7 p.m., tired and cold from her harrowing day in the blizzard, Pandy's bloody paws were treated, Daily Mail reports.

"Staff has been through the ringer this afternoon going from tears of sorrow to tears of joy," said Animal Haven in a social media post after Pandy was rescued again. "We are truly grateful!"

"She’s doing really well. She’s tired but she’s the sweet girl she always is," Lacey said.

Pandy is currently seeking a permanent home after her long journey to the city. "She’s shy and needs a patient, loving adopter," said Lacey.

Sources: WPIX, New York Post, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Port Authority Police Department via New York Post

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