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They Say Their Dog Was Killed Over Clinton Sign (Video)

A Texas couple claims somebody killed their dog on Aug. 21 after they put up a sign for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in their front yard (video below).

Matt Steadman believes somebody has been targeting his home in Richardson, Texas, for a while, KTVT reports.

Before the dog's death, somebody allegedly stole multiple Hillary Clinton signs he placed on his front yard.

“I just kind of thought ‘oh well the third sign is still there no big deal,’” said Steadman on his response at the time.

After the third sign was stolen, the threats got worse.

Somebody allegedly wrote the couple an ominous letter the day before vandalizing their SUV.

“It said ‘Hillary for Prison 2016,’” Steadman said, of the note they found underneath their doormat.

The vehicle was so damaged, the auto shop deemed it beyond repair.

“Smelled the inside of my gas tank and there was bleach,” said Steadman. “I’ve never heard about bleach and gas tanks and cars.”

But it appears the random attacks weren't over.

Days later, Steadman says his 2-year-old shepherd mix, Abby, started getting sick.

“She started tremoring and she started shaking, I called Beth around 4 and said ‘I think something's wrong with Abby.’”

The next day, Abby died. Steadman's veterinarian explained the dog had swallowed a neurotoxin.

For the couple, it was too much of a coincidence that their dog would die after the slew of attacks they'd received.

“No other reason, I mean this is our front yard and we don’t have any enemies ... we’re not the enemy type,” said Steadman.

Although authorities have not done an official investigation, a police officer did visit the home.

While somebody donated another Hillary Clinton sign to the family, they said they will not place it in their front yard -- at least not yet.

“For now I’m just going to kind of let the waters settle," Steadman said, WCMH reports.

It's not the first time political signs favoring Democrats in Texas have been attacked, The Washington Post reports. Similar incidents occurred often in the 2008 presidential election.

“They would get stolen. It was real horrible,” said Bonny Krahn. “Obama stickers were keyed off my car. I mean, just really bad stuff.”

Sources: KTVT, WCMH via KXAN, The Washington Post, KCAL/YouTube / Photo credit: KCAL/YouTube

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