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Israeli Tourist Attacked In Brooklyn By Three Suspects

The New York Police Department is investigating a violent attack at the Marcy Avenue train station in Brooklyn. The incident appears to be a hate crime carried out by three suspects against an Orthodox Jewish man. 

The 53-year-old victim was waiting for a train in Williamsburg on Monday when one of the suspects came from behind and tried to steal something from his pocket. When he turned around to face the stranger and ask him what he was doing, the suspect called him a “dirty bloody Jew” and then spat at the victim.

The suspect then stole the victim’s umbrella and beat him over the head with it. The victim went to chase the man as he ran off, but was then attacked by the second suspect who called him a “f---ing Jew” while kicking him repeatedly.

A bystander rushed to come help, but was then beaten as well by all three suspects. The Jewish man was an Israeli tourist visiting New York and was alone at the time of the attack.

Due to the nature of the crime, the New York Police Department will hand the case over to the Hate Crime Task Force. The suspects have yet to be found, and authorities continue to be on the lookout for the perpetrators who were last seen boarding a Manhattan-bound train.

Sources:, NY Daily News / Photo Credit: Wikipedia Creative Commons


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