Israeli Man Zweig Installs Dashcam, Never Pays Traffic Ticket Again

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t hate traffic tickets?

Take speeding tickets, for example. Who exactly am I putting in danger by going 68 in a 55 on a wide open highway at 1 a.m.? Or stop sign tickets. “Sorry officer, I didn’t realize I’m supposed to take a nap at this stop sign before crossing the intersection.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for driving safety. But sometimes (read: almost all the time) it seems like traffic tickets are just an easy revenue stream for our beloved government.

Israeli man Denniz Zweig knows exactly what I mean.  Zweig has been issued three traffic tickets for running a stop sign at the same intersection. But Zweig has technology on side. He makes a habit of driving with a dashcam on, and it looks like this investment is paying off for him.

Each time Zweig has been pulled over, he insists that he did not run the stop sign. Nevertheless, officers always maintain that he did. You know how this goes. Zweig goes home with a ticket. But thanks to his dashcam, Zweig is yet to pay for any of his tickets. Instead, he goes to court, shows the judge the he did in fact stop, and has his charges waved. He’s 2/2 so far, and after being issued his third ticket he’s hoping to go 3/3.

“The third time, it’s really, even I was in shock,” Zweig said. “And I want to tell all Israeli police, stop giving me tickets. I have a video camera installed in my car.”

Zweig’s unfortunate ability to accumulate traffic tickets led Israeli news site Holesinthenet.com to deem him “the unluckiest guy in Israel.”

I wouldn’t call Zweig unlucky though. I’d call him smart. Three ridiculous tickets and he is yet to pay one of them. That’s impressive.  

Zweig says he’ll be upping his dashcam game in the near future as well. He’s planning on installing cameras facing the back and side windows of his car, giving him 360-degree dash cam coverage.

Keep fighting the good fight, Mr. Zweig. 

Sources: The Blaze, Holes In The Net


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