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Israeli Man Claims He Is Sorcerer, Manipulates Woman Into Sleeping With Him

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An Israeli man was arrested recently for manipulating a woman into having sex with him.

The unidentified man, 39, a Golan Heights resident who claims he’s a sorcerer, was found online by a woman seeking holistic treatment to overcome emotional trauma sustained while breaking up with her boyfriend. After a series of expensive "treatments," the man convinced the woman to have in sex with him, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Things then got even worse for the alleged victim, who admitted to police that she asked the man to physically attack her ex-boyfriend's new girl. Police detained the woman for three days on suspicion of conspiring to cause bodily harm.

She’s now under house arrest.

Ramat Gan police arrested the sorcerer on Sunday night, and he could face charges of sexually assaulting the woman against her will. Police said Monday that they are trying to find other female victims of the man, and are checking reports of other con men using similar methods to get money and sex from vulnerable women.

Sources: UPI, The Jerusalem Post


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