Israel Expands its Medical Marijuana Program


Israel may begin distributing medical marijuana though the countries pharmacies as early as next spring if a recent recommendation by the Israeli Health Ministry Committee is accepted.

Last week the Israeli Health Ministry committee on medical marijuana recommended that marijuana should be added to the list of medicinal drugs

distributed throughout the countries pharmacies. If the recommendation is accepted by the ministry, medical marijuana could be available in pharmacies in six months.

Israel has already has recognized cannabis as a medical treatment and the country’s Health Ministry oversees a program that provides medical marijuana to hundreds of Israelis with an array of medical conditions. Up until recently, the program had only one participating doctor, a top researcher in the field, Dr. Yehuda Baruch. He currently receives just over 60 applications a month.

The medical marijuana licenses are renewed at various intervals depending on the condition and Dr. Baruch’s advice. But in a sign that the program is expanding, five more doctors were authorized to prescribe cannabis in September.


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