Remains Of 22 Dogs Found In Garbage Bags In Ditch


More than 20 dead dogs were found in garbage bags in a ditch in Cherry Valley Township, Ohio.

On April 18, the Ashtabula County Animal Protective League went to investigate a tip it received in Cherry Valley Township. Members discovered the remains of 22 dogs in garbage bags in a ditch.

The dogs found ranged in age from 10 weeks old to 6 years old, according to WKYC. A necropsy found that one dog was pregnant. The dogs were all of a similar breed.

"I was crying, that's horrific," Cindy Bundy, who found the dogs with her neighbors, told WKYC. "I got two grandchildren that play through here and for somebody to take 22 dogs, and pregnant ones, it's beyond horrific."

"I've been here 10 years, I've been on property before and I've seen many things but I have never seen 22 deceased dogs laying on the side of the road," said Ashtabula County Aminal Protective League Director Tammy Dondorfer.

The dogs were found a secluded area, which, according to WJW, the Animal Protective League believes the suspect did on purpose.

Dondorfer told WKYC that one of the most shocking findings was that most of the dogs appeared to have been healthy.

"Someone must have been feeding them, taking care of them, so again why are they laying out there? Their hair was matted a little bit so obviously they were a poodle type mix," she said.

The dogs' remains have been cremated. Dondorfer says the ashes will be brought to the APL's shelter, where there will be a burial.

Sources: WKYC, WJW / Photo credit: Animal Protection League via WKYC

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