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Islamic Terrorists Arrested For Plotting Queen Elizabeth Assassination

Four Islamic terror suspects have been arrested for allegedly planning to assassinate Queen Elizabeth.

The four men, ages 19 to 27, had been under surveillance for months. Police are now interrogating the suspects.

The assassination attempt is believed to have been planned to take place November 11 during the Remembrance Day centenary ceremony at The Cenotaph.

The suspects were reportedly going to use a knife against Queen Elizabeth; police suspect they also had access to firearms, reports the New York Post.

In one evening, all of the suspects were arrested. Three were from homes in the London area, and one was caught when police stopped his vehicle.

The search of the suspects' homes and surrounding residences is ongoing. No weapons were found during the initial raids.

The suspects are being held on suspicion of being concerned in the commission, preparation, or instigation of acts of terrorism.

Queen Elizabeth participates in the Remembrance Day centenary ceremony by laying the first wreath following a two-minute silence of remembrance.

The suspected plot against her life will not keep Queen Elizabeth from the ceremony.

“Whatever the security assessment, Her Majesty would not shirk from her responsibility and duty - and this Remembrance Sunday is no different,” a source told The Daily News.

Sources: The Daily Mail, New York Post Photo Source: New York Post


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