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Footage Shows ISIS Terrorists Terrified And In Tears After Being Captured By Iraqi Government Forces (Video)

As Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, terrorists continue to pose a major threat to the rest of the world, a new video released seemingly shows some captured militants breaking down into tears, which is a far cry from the way they present themselves to the public through fear-mongering and senseless murder.

According to IJReview, the clip shows a few alleged ISIS terrorists sitting on the ground with their heads down while Iraqi government forces yell at them and kick them. The terrorists begin to cry and beg for mercy as the forces give them just a small taste of their own medicine.

Many say that it’s satisfying to see men who are members of such a vicious terrorist organization act like such cowards when they are actually being treated better than most of the victims of their attacks.

“Thought they always bragged about how honored they were to die in jihad so they can go to heaven with such glory,” said a commenter online. “I guess the gates of heaven and all those virgins are not so appealing when the door seems so close.”

As it has widely been reported, ISIS has spread terror across the Middle East in recent weeks, including the mass killings of those unwilling to convert to Islam, the beheadings of two American journalists which were posted online, and the murder of innocent women and children.

Sources: IJReview, Mad World News, LiveLeak


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