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Young Son Of Australian Terrorist Pictured Holding A Decapitated Head (Photos)

One of Australia’s most wanted terrorists tweeted a picture of his seven-year-old son proudly holding a decapitated head, and after the picture was published by The Australian, people all over have expressed outrage.

The shocking picture shows Khaled Sharrouf’s seven-year-old son holding the decapitated head of a Syrian soldier, and in a tweet, Sharrouf proudly stated, “That’s my boy!”

Since the photo, which was reportedly taken in Syria, started making rounds on the Internet, people all over have expressed sincere shock that the young boy seems to be happy about holding a severed human head.

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Tony Abbott, the Prime Minister of Australia, condemned the shocking photos after they were released.

“We see more and more evidence of just how barbaric this entity is,” said Abbott of ISIS. “I believe there are more photographs in the newspapers in Australia today of the kind of hideous atrocities this group is capable of.”

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Peter Leahy, the former chief of the Australian Army, said the picture shows the harsh reality of how effective the ongoing war against terror has been in stopping it from spreading.

“You see something like that and you think 'poor kid'… That kid is the next generation and how many kids are being exposed to that?” said Leahy. “We really do need to be concerned about radical Islam, and can I stress I'm not talking about Islam here, I'm talking about those radicals, those terrorists, those people who subject women and children around the world to barbarity and then they put these images [online] and expose their own children to this type of thought. I just can't imagine what this young boy is thinking and I certainly can't imagine what his father's thinking.”

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As military operations against ISIS militants begins, the true horrors of this terrorist organization are being exposed, and this picture is an unfortunate reality of how children are indoctrinated at a young age.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Australian, CBC News 


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