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ISIS Terrorist Destroyed In Airstrike Footage Released By U.S. Central Command (Video)

The United States recently initiated airstrikes against Islamic State (commonly referred to as ISIS or ISIL) militants as part of the mission to “degrade and ultimately destroy” the terrorist ground. Now, U.S. Central Command has released five videos, and one of them shows a direct attack against one specific ISIS member.

The clip shows a member of ISIS moving around a vehicle as a target appears around him. The mission is described by Central Command as a “U.S. airstrike against ISIL armored personnel carrier in support of Iraqi Security Force operations near Mosul dam.”

Suddenly, the aircraft fires once at the man, and in an instant, he is taken out.

Since being published, the clip has garnered over 52,000 views on YouTube.

Check out the clip below.

Sources: IJReview, Time Magazine


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