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Kurdish Militia Captures ISIS Terrorist And Makes Him Cry (Video)

The situation in the Middle East with Islamic State, previously known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), militants has gotten increasingly worse as more and more innocent people have died at the hands of these terrorists. U.S. airstrikes against the terrorists have continued, but in recent weeks, the massacre has seemed to escalate. While it seems like the ISIS militants are completely fearless, new video shows that some are complete cowards when faced with punishment for their actions.

A video posted on LiveLeak allegedly shows an IS member captured by the Kurdish Peshmerga militia crying and begging them for mercy. The militant, who is shown on his knees with blood pouring down his face, appears to be begging the Peshmerga members to spare his life. Since the video was posted, users online have expressed their satisfaction and anger after watching the short clip.

“They are only brave when killing women, children and unarmed men,” said one commenter on Mad World’s report. “They are not used to fighting with real men.”

“That's why they cover their faces, because they are cowards,” said another user. “They are ashamed of who they have become. The power may lie with the women who are converts and mean as hell. They should be wiped out as they promote the torturous activity of these stupid men.”

In the last few weeks, the threat of ISIS attacks against the Western world has increased as videos were released online showing the beheadings of two American journalists. Britain also recently increased their threat level, saying that an attack from homegrown ISIS militants was “highly likely.”

Sources: Mad World News, LiveLeak, CNN


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