ISIS Kidnaps 50 Iraqi Men After Village Burns Flag


Islamic State militants abducted roughly 50 civilians in the Kirkuk province in northern Iraq last week, after residents of a village burned an Islamic State in Syria and Iraq flag to condemn the group.

About 50 men were kidnapped by ISIS members when they blocked off the village called al-Tal, which is in west Kirkuk, according to a security source in the area and

Village residents are reportedly furious about the incident. Locals have said they may collaborate with armed clans in the area to attack ISIS militants and rescue their family members if the Islamic State fighters do not return the men soon.

ISIS has been gaining power in northern Iraq and attacked many towns and villages. Amnesty International has accused the group of ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity for killing and abducting thousands of individuals who are part of the religious minority in the region, including Yazidis and Christians.



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