Iraqi Town Burns ISIS Flag; ISIS Retaliates by Kidnapping 50 Civilians

According to a security source, ISIS kidnapped 50 civilians from an Iraqi village after villagers “burned the ISIS flag to declare their opposition of the ISIS existence in south of Kirkuk.”

In its report on Thursday, the source said that the militants were driving armored cars when they blockaded at-Tal village and kidnapped 50 men.

The men were reportedly dragged into cars, and then driven off.

According to the Daily Star, ISIS militants had retreated from the village on Wednesday, fearing an attack by the Iraqi army. After the militants left, residents set fire to an ISIS flag.

The village is 55km west from Kirkuk.

As reported by Iraqi News, a resident of the province said that the kidnapping has been met with furious anger from the remaining citizens. The resident also noted that the armed clans in the province plan to seek out the ISIS militants if their kidnapped relatives are not set free.

Iraqi News reports that ISIS has a strong presence in the southern part of the province of Kirkuk; the area is witness to constant clashes between ISIS and residents.

Sources: Iraqi News, Daily Star

Photo Sources: Daily Star, Breitbart


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