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ISIS Fighters Tweet Sadness Over Robin Williams' Death

ISIS - which now calls itself the Islamic State - militants in Iraq and Syria met the death of beloved American actor Robin Williams with an unexpected Twitter outburst declaring their love of the 1995 film “Jumanji.”

Islamic militants and supporters took to Twitter after the death of Williams, 63, in an apparent suicide Monday. While some condemned Williams for jokes he made about jihadists, others declared their love for his work.

An militant named Abdullah, a 19-year-old British born ISIS fighter, responded to a tweet calling Williams’ death “a shame” because he loved “Jumanji.”

Abdullah agreed that it was “a good movie.”

“Love it as a kid,” he tweeted.

Users were stunned at the sentiment, leading another militant, Omar Shishani, to defend them.

“'We are humans like you, joke about girls mirls... why we shouldn't see movie?” Shishani tweeted.

Abdullah also tweeted that he also loved Steven Spielberg and “The Lion King.”

When asked why he was so interested in Western films and TV, he responded: “They think I grew up somewhere in a mud hut so I never saw a movie whereas I've seen most of the flicks they ask. lol.”

“Now I'm actually worried that people will start to follow me because they wanna hear about my favorite movies instead of reporting jihad,” he tweeted Tuesday morning.

He claimed he was contacted by the BBC to discuss Williams' movies.

“‘Jumanjihadi’? It’s kinda catchy,” he wrote.

Television and film are banned under Islamic Sharia Law in the territory controlled by ISIS, International Business Times reports.

Williams was well known for his support of American troops in Afghanistan.

Sources: Daily Mail, International Business Times

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons / US Navy, Wikipedia


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