Is This ISIS Escape Video Fake? (Video)

A video (below) has surfaced that allegedly shows an ISIS prisoner escape from his captors seconds before he would have been executed.

In the video obtained by the Kurd Post and shared on YouTube, three men are seen kneeling on the ground in front of three armed men who have their faces shrouded.

After some words are spoken in Pashtun, a language used in Afghanistan, according to The Sun, the men are led away on foot and then forced to kneel again with their backs to the camera.

The prisoner on the right is the one to watch in the video.

When the man’s captor approaches and kneels behind him, presumably to carry out the execution, the prisoner appears to reverse head butt him, causing the man to fall back.

The prisoner then grabs his rifle and stands up.

The camera then appears to be dropped, and the prisoners go out of frame as what may be gun shots ring out.

It is unknown whether the prisoner did indeed escape.

Reports claim the man was a prisoner of ISIS, but efforts by The Sun to independently verify this information were unsuccessful.

Some believe the video is fake, with viewers claiming it's propaganda, a stunt or hoax.

“To anyone who thinks this is real," one viewer commented. "This is Kurdish propaganda to make Kurdish citizens less fearful about Isis executions."

“The media has created so many lies and use deception that people can’t tell what’s real or fake anymore,” another wrote.

“So why is the terrorist at left just standing and doing nothing?” one viewer questioned.

Since the video was posted on YouTube on May 4, it has been viewed more than 1.1 million times.

Sources: Kurd Post via YouTube, The Sun / Photo credit: Kurd Post via YouTube

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