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ISIS Commander Reportedly Accidentally Detonates Bombs, Kills Himself and Trainees

A commander in the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, reportedly detonated a belt with explosives by accident and killed about 20 trainees and himself at a training camp outside of Baghdad.

For some locals, the fatal accident sparked an array of emotional reactions, including happiness, sadness about the general situation and dark humor, according to the New York Daily News.

With the increased power of ISIS in Iraq, suicide attacks have become frequent in public spaces, according to the publication.

Roughly 15 people were reportedly injured by the recent accidental detonation.

Civilians have been suffering from many attacks since ISIS gained more control in Iraq, according to the United States State Department. The U.S. has sent a limited amount of jets and drones to attack members of ISIS in Iraq in recent days, according to The New York Times.

Source: New York Daily News, The New York Times


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