ISIS Leader’s Second-In-Command Reportedly Killed


Prominent Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) commander Abu Hajar al-Suri was reportedly killed near Mosul on Thursday, though it remains unclear how he died.

The ISIS commander was thought to work directly beneath Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the militant group, according to the Times of Israel.

Lebanese and Iraqi media have recently said that al-Suri was killed in an airstrike in the Northern Iraq city, northwest of Baghdad. But other reports have suggested otherwise, saying that al-Suri was killed during a mistake in a suicide bombing on Aug. 22.

Two days before the suicide bombing in late August, Suhaim tweeted about going to heaven.

According to Amnesty International, ISIS militants have engaged in a “systematic ethnic cleansing” in Northern Iraq, killing or abducting thousands of people who are part of minority religious and ethnic groups in the region and forcing them to flee to the mountains. Areas where Christians and Yazidis live have been particularly overrun and attacked by ISIS members.

Source: Times of Israel


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