Texas Sheriff Warns Against Possibility of ISIS Cell’s Formation in Mexico


An ISIS terrorist cell may have formed just across the U.S. border in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Midland County, Tex. Sheriff Gary Painter said he received an alert bulletin concerning group’s formation, according to the Midland Reporter-Telegraph.

In response, Painter sent the ISIS militants a very clear warning during an interview with CNN, when he said, “If they rear their ugly head, we’ll send them to hell.”

The sheriff noted that Texas law enforcement officers have been advised to be on the lookout for any “suspicious, potential terrorist activity.”

According to the Inquisitr, Painter also maintains that somewhere between 10 and 15 million “undocumented aliens” have crossed the border in his area, noting, “I think it’d be naïve to say that ISIS is not here.”

The FBI offered no comment on an attempt by the local newspaper, the Midland Reporter-Telegram, to receive a comment about the ISIS terrorist cell warning bulletin.

As reported by the Inquisitr, reporter Joe Biggs of Infowars recently conducted an experiment to determine just how easy it is to gain entry into America. Biggs dressed up as an ISIS militant, faked a beheading, and then simply walked into Texas – while carrying a fake head. As shown in the viral video, he then stood within the U.S border for several minutes, undetected.

According to a Border Patrol report, illegal immigrants from no less than 75 countries have managed to walk into the U.S. this year.

Painter has noted that Obama and federal agencies must take appropriate and quick action to weaken ISIS leadership.

The sheriff expressed his opinion on the way matters should be conducted, proposing that “what needs to happen is there needs to be enough bombs dropped on ISIS leaders that every time they hear a jet propeller they urinate down both legs.”

Sources: Inquisitr, Midland Reporter-Telegraph

Photo Sources: Inquisitr, Liberty News


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