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Isabella Barrett is a Millionaire at Age Six, Loves Shoes, Lobster and Filet Mignon

A six-year-old girl who was a member of the show "Toddlers and Tiaras," is now a millionaire after she won hundreds of pageants and started up her own jewelry and makeup line.

Isabella Barrett is proud of her success, flaunting it in any way she can. Her favorite thing to indulge in is shoes.

"What's not to like about being a millionaire?" she said. "I'm a superstar, I have my own jewelry line and I just love being the boss. I never lose at anything and almost every pageant I enter, I win. But what I love more than anything is shoes. I have over 60 pairs."

Her mother, Susanna, 39, said she does not want Isabella to grow up spoiled, but since she likes "nice things," they treat her to them

"You see what happens to these child stars like Britney Spears and I certainly do not want that happening to my daughter. But she does like nice things, so we do treat her," she said.

"We travel so much to enter pageants, she really has developed a taste for five-star hotels and loves being waited on."

Susanna recalls one time when Isabella spent more than two grand on food at a hotel.

"She can go a little crazy and once ordered $2,200 worth of food. It's never cheeseburgers and fries, always the most expensive like filet mignon and lobster."

"I know it seems pompous, but to us it's just funny and part of her personality," Susanna said.

Most of Isabella's fortune comes from her Glitzy Girl collection, which includes lip glosses, charm bracelets and velour hoods. The idea for it came from when Isabella was in pageants on Toddlers and Tiaras.

Whenever she would win a contest, her mother would buy her a charm to put on her bracelet with the title "so she could brag about her accomplishments."

The majority of the money they make is spent on the girl's clothes.

"I'll admit when it comes to Bella's wardrobe, there is no expense spared," Susanna said.

"That means a voice coach, makeup artist, regular spray tans, hair extensions, acrylic nails and even made-to-measure fake teeth which cost us $500."

They also spend a lot on pageants, with each one costing about $10,000.

"Each performance needs to be like a Broadway show and every single outfit is custom-made, costing up to $10,000. We must have spent around $50,000 entering pageants in the last two years alone, but look where she is now. It's been more than worth it," Susanna said.

Though she has entered countless pageants, her mother insists that she is not pushing her.

"I am not a pushy parent, I just help Isabella achieve her dreams. If she told me tomorrow she didn't want to do any of it any more, then that would be fine," she said.

Sources: Business Insider,Mirror


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