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Isaac Maiden, Acquitted in Near-Fatal Beating of Ray Widstrand, Gets in Fight With Another Teen

19-year-old Isaac Maiden of Saint Paul, Minnesota was arrested for getting into a fight with another teenager—shortly after being acquitted in the life threatening beating of a different man.

In November, Judge Salvador Rosas let Maiden off easy with the warning, “I have no doubt you'll be back” if Maiden didn’t change his ways. That August, Maiden had participated in the assault of Ray Widstrand, a random passerby, with four other teenagers. Widstrand had apparently walked into the middle of a fight between two groups of teens and then became the target. Widstrand suffered severe brain damage from being punched and stomped on the head, and is still undergoing mental and physical therapy.

Maiden was acquitted because of conflicting testimony from witnesses, some of whom placed him in the middle of the action and some of whom said he wasn’t even involved.

"You dodged one here," Judge Rosas told Maiden after the verdict was read. "I would suggest you think about what you've been doing."

A month after that, a university police officer was patrolling the area around the University of Minnesota when they found Maiden fighting with a 16-year-old boy late at night.

Maiden will go before a judge again next month with a disorderly conduct charge from his latest brawl. The 16-year-old was also cited for disorderly conduct and curfew violation. Neither party was seriously injured.

One teen in the Widstrand case, Cindarion D. Butler, 17, was tried as an adult and convicted of aiding first-degree assault and first-degree robbery. One juvenile pleaded guilty, and one, the instigator, is being charged with the possibility of being tried as an adult. The third teen had his case dismissed.

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