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Is This Giant Fish Real or Fake?

The Internet is on fire with a story out of France about a man who claims he caught what looks like a giant goldfish. And everyone is asking the question -- is this real or fake?

According to a report in the London tabloid Daily Mail, a man named Raphael Biagini says he caught the 30-pound koi carp in a lake in the south of France. He said it took 10 minutes to reel it in. Then, after taking the photo, he said he released it back into the river.

So that leaves no proof if real or just one giant fish tale. On one hand, it looks a little too much like a goldfish any child would have in a fish bowl, albeit a really big one. Many people have pointed out it doesn't look like the fish is struggling at all. And Biagini seems to be holding it like he's holding something that weighs one pound instead of 30.

However, Ken Peterson, communications director at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, tells Yahoo News a fish this large is not out of the realm of possibility. If a koi has the right amount of food and enough space to grow, he says, there's no telling how big it can get. The largest koi on record is 90 pounds. That one was also caught in France, by the way.

So what do you think -- real or fake?


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