Is That a Dog … or a Hog?


Which animals easily master skills such as "sit," "fetch," and "jump"?

Which animals like to relax in the sun, play ball, and come when called by name?

Which animals have saved humans' lives on numerous occasions?

If you answered "dogs" and/or "pigs" to each of these questions, congratulations—they're both correct. Pigs have many personality traits that are similar to dogs' and are said to be smarter than 3-year-old human children. You would never dream of eating your dog, but would you eat a pig? If so, World Week for the Abolition of Meat is a great time to stop.

Mother pigs are confined to cramped gestation crates too small for them even to turn around. They are impregnated again and again until their bodies give out, and then they are sent to slaughter. Piglets are taken away from their mothers after just a few weeks and have their tails chopped off and the ends of their teeth broken off with pliers. The males are also castrated, and it all happens without any pain relief. A typical slaughterhouse may kill hundreds or even thousands of pigs every day, making proper stunning of each animal impossible. Many pigs reach the scalding-hot hair-removal tank conscious and screaming in pain.

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If you wouldn't want these atrocities inflicted on a dog, please don't pay someone to inflict them on pigs. Visit our "Vegetarian Living" page for delicious pig-friendly recipes.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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