Is homosexuality a sin/ is homosexuality wrong....


How can one ever say that being gay is a sin... that it is wrong... how can one ever be in control of their attractions.... it is a debate that I have had all my life... I can not control who or for better choice of words... what I am attracted too.... I am gay so this may be a little one sided... however... I feel that the bible states that homosexuality is a sin, only because iin the biblical days homosexuality was misunderstood... and i believe that people say that it is a sin today because, they do not agree with it. Now correct me if I am wrong... but doesn't the bible also states the murder or the act of taking someone life is a sin... let me point out several occassions where the world have decided taking someone life is ok... If a police takes someone life that is ok... If a Klansman back in the day hung someone that was ok... If someone shoots someone, because they assume that person is a danger then it is ok... So to really honest I don't think the world has earned the right to tell me if something I am doing is wrong/ right... As my grandmother always told me, "sweep around your own front door, before you sweep around mine".


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