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Is Death of Cheating Steve McNair Really a Tragedy?

Police in Nashville, Tenn. have confirmed that former NFL quarterback Steve McNair was killed in a murder-suicide. McNair and 20-year-old Sahel Kazemi were found dead in her condo on July 4. McNair?has been?hailed as a good guy on and off the field, and his murder is being called a tragedy. But is it truly a tragedy when a man who is cheating on his wife is gunned down by his young mistress? Here's what people are saying:

"Steve's body of work, his commitment to this community and all that he has contributed to so many around the world, his work ethic on the field and his incredible heart off the field I think overshadow any circumstances."
-- Bishop Joseph W. Walker III, McNair's friend and pastor

"But sadly, his legacy now includes more than just his football feats and his numerous contributions to the communities he played in. His violent death, at 36, under questionable and compromising circumstances, is more than a footnote in his story. Our memory of McNair will now juxtapose some of the wonderful things we saw him do on the field with some of the dubious off-field choices he made late in life."
-- Don Banks, Sports Illustrated reporter

"We can't justify anything that people are starting to find out, but the one thing that we can say, that I know for sure, is that Steve loved his family."
-- Robert Gaddy, McNair's friend, who discovered the bodies

"Will the Steve McNair tragedy scare married men straight like the '87 film 'Fatal Attraction' did for a while?"
-- Holly Robinson Peete, actress and wife of former NFL quarterback, on Twitter

"It's so attention getting, here now it's not just a story about a man who's been shot. It's now the saga, the soap opera which has lead up to his death. And yeah, that sounds sexy and that's attractive and everybody wants to be a part of that, just finding out more and more dirt."
-- Brad Hopkins, former teammate

"McNair's murder is invariably described by reporters as "tragic", the death of a young man in the prime of his life is always sad, but in this case I wouldn't refer to it as tragic. McNair, a married man, is murdered by his girlfriend, who then commits suicide. This is a cautionary tale: You Play, You Pay. McNair is a typical professional athlete who thinks the rules don't apply to him. His death saddens me, but it's not a damn tragedy."
-- Robert Paul Reyes, NewsBlaze writer


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