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Irish Woman Finds Disgusting Surprise In Her Takeout

A woman began to eat her takeout dinner when she found what she thought was a tough piece of cabbage in her coleslaw. It turned out to be something far worse.

Rebecca Kelly, a mother of two, pulled it out and found a whole plastic glove, the Mirror reports.

“It was Saturday evening and I got a lasagna and two kids meals," Kelly explained, according to the Mirror. "I went home and got it out on the plate and sat down to enjoy my meal."

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The food came from JD Tipler, a restaurant in Portadown, North Ireland.

"I didn’t really enjoy the lasagna so I tried a bit of the coleslaw at the side and I thought there was this big bit of white cabbage I was pulling out," she continued. “But as I started to pull at it this full glove came out. It was a full glove covered in coleslaw, it was disgusting."

She called the restaurant to tell them what had happened.

"I was really shocked, I just couldn’t believe it," Kelly said.

The restaurant offered to replace her lasagna and give her a free meal, but she turned it down.

“I was told at the start, during the phone call, that they had to wear gloves for health and safety reasons," she said. "I’m a cook myself and I understand that, but if a glove has gone missing the batch of food that’s been prepared should be binned.”

She and the restaurant exchanged emails, but she said that no one from the restaurant's management called her back with an apology.

Kelly contacted her District Council's environmental health department, who told her they would investigate.

Unfortunately, Kelly is in good company, Wetpaint notes. Disgusted customers have found many unsettling additions to their fast food orders over the years, including a syringe, a bullet, maggots, a condom, a deep-fried chicken head, a Band-Aid, a knife, three inches of human flesh, and blood.

Sources: Mirror, Wetpaint
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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