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Farmer Accidentally Breeds a Shoat (Video)

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An Irish farmer has accidentally bred a combination between a sheep and a goat. Paddy Murphy recently delivered the animal, expecting it to be a lamb offspring. Upon further inspection, he realized it had many characteristics of a goat. 

“I only have white-faced Cheviot sheep, and when this one came out it was black,” Murphy said, according to the Guardian, “That sometimes happens. But the next morning I said to myself this isn’t a lamb at all, it’s more like a goat. It was moving a bit too quickly for a lamb, its legs were very long and he even has horns like a goat.”

The hybrid — referred to colloquially as either a “geep” or a “shoat” — is a rare species. Murphy claimed that he had noticed a goat mating with one of his sheep but did not expect 

Murphy claimed that he wasn’t sure how the new creature would fit in on the farm. 

“We’ll try to keep it as long as we can, you know,” Murphy said, “But if it becomes a nuisance we’ll have to get rid of it.” 

In the meantime, Murphy is holding a competition to find the most creative name for the rare creature. According to the Independent, Murphy is using the competition as a way to raise funds for a sick child in his village. The competition will take place at the local Murphy’s Pub, which he also owns.

"There's been a lot of interest down here with the locals," Murphy said.

There's been a lot of interest with an international audience as well, after a video posted to YouTube by the Irish Farmers Journal went viral. Murphy said he would welcome any scientists that want to do genetic testing on the rare creature, although he is not interested in that aspect of the animal's existence. 


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